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Welcome to The Idiot Test! Featuring all five of the internet's idiot testing games. Each of these five games will test how much of an idiot you are or pretend to be! Play all of our games and see how you rank in terms of idiocy.
If you pass any test, tell all your friends 😃 And if you don't pass our tests, it will be our little secret 😉

the idiot test game
The Idiot Test
Put yourself through a rigorous and quite often common sense test to see just how much of an idiot you are! Think you're smarter than this test? Take the test and get ready to start questioning your smarts!
the idiot test 2 game
Idiot Test 2
In this sequel, your ability to follow directions and basic concepts will be further tested. Watch out, some questions might cause you to over think them and the end result will make you feel like an idiot!
the idiot test 3 game
Idiot Test 3
Think you can know all of your colors and can follow a basic set of directions? Think again, because you are in for a real treat in this comprehensive test that will determine whether or not you are in a fact an idiot!
the idiot test 4 game
Idiot Test 4
Try your hand at a test that will find out whether or not you are truly an idiot. Some questions are so easy that they are in fact hard. So, put on your thinking cap and try to beat this test and prove to yourself that you are not that much of an idiot!
the ultimate idiot test game
The Ultimate Idiot Test
Prepare yourself for the test of all idiot tests! This ultimate test will determine your ability to follow directions, understand basic concepts, and count. Make sure you do not go into this game with too much confidence because one wrong answer will send your back to the first question and you will have to start over!

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